Mt. Calvary

Serving Richmond families for over 100 years

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Mount Calvary Cemetery was founded as a non-profit cemetery circa 1880 by the Catholic Diocese of Richmond to supplement grave spaces in the other Catholic Cemetery (Holy Cross) which was too small to accommodate the growing Catholic population in Richmond.  The Diocese incorporated a Board of Trustees to manage the cemetery and, although many personnel changes have occurred, the Board still manages the cemetery today.

Today, Mount Calvary Cemetery welcomes members of all faiths and ethnic origins to fulfill their perpetual care needs in one of Richmond’s most hallowed grounds.

Today, Mount Calvary accommodates approximately 30,000 deceased loved ones from the Richmond community and beyond.  The cemetery still operates as a private, non-profit organization.  The cemetery owns approximately 90 acres of which 30 acres is set aside for future development which means we will be here to accommodate Richmond families for many decades to come.